MENU PigPen Memorial Concert // 24th February 2013

PigPen Memorial Concert // 24th February 2013

February 21, 2013

The Macbeth
70 Hoxton Street
N1 6LP


United Vibrations
Dean Atta
Tim Ten Yen
Charlotte Young
Bram Arnold
Elephant Machinist and AGB (2MV Records)
Sarah Niles and Rob Grundel
Robyn Steward
Eddie Halliday

Plus more to be announced!

Tickets £7/£5 concs – All proceeds go to the National Autistic Society


PigPen is a cultural night featuring some of London’s finest poets, musicians, bands, artists and deejays. At the heart of PigPen are it’s founding members and co-organisers- Ben and Gabriel. Artist and Autist.

Between March 2008-May 2012, Gabriel, a non-verbal Autistic man curated 18 live shows using his Yes/No communication device. Sadly, aged just 25, he passed away from a degenerative neurological condition.

Ben is on the art school spectrum. He communicated the story of their collaboration through comic books and continues to fly the PigPen flag.

This is dedicated to the life of Gabriel, the inspirational taste-maker behind the unique PigPen blend of poetry, performance art, music, comic books and damn good times!

PigPen continues to be a platform for cultural, cross-ability and neuro-diverse exchange. It is a place where boundaries are broken down- opening doors to a new cultural landscape. A place where people can develop a deeper understanding of those with different neurological abilities than their own.

For more information on the life and work of Gabriel Hardisty-Miller, check the link to his obituary in The Guardian.