MENU RBMA Culture Clash at The Roundhouse // 14-10-10

RBMA Culture Clash at The Roundhouse // 14-10-10

October 6, 2010

Red Bull Music Academy are setting up another Culture Clash featuring 3 of the UK’s foremost sound systems: Metalheadz, Channel One, Soul Jazz Records… plus a lil’ sumthin’ from Skream, Benga and friends. A proper soundclash in the spirit of Jamaican sound system culture. Who’s gonna come out on top? The D&B crew, the young dubsteppin’ upstarts or the seasoned heritage systems – Channel One and Soul Jazz. I’m rooting for the Soul Jazz fam – MC Oxman, teach these fools a lesson!

And one more thing, I’m probably nitpicking, but when did Andy C ever have any links with Metalheadz? Happy to be corrected on this one.