MENU Recommended Listening // LeFtO Vol.1

Recommended Listening // LeFtO Vol.1

July 16, 2012

Continental European fam > HEADS UP! Y’all should check this new compilation curated by the one and only LeFtO: 18 nuggets repping everything from Krampfhaft to The Park to Gregory Porter to Ifan Dafydd. Awesome to see Brownswood fam Zara McFarlane and Gang Colours in there too. Artwork by Toykyo’s Art Director Pointdextr. BIG UPS!!


01. Jameszoo: Kiwanushi and the Cheesechildren
02. Michael Kiwanuka: Tell Me A Tale
03. Amp Live: DIFFER.E.N.T.
04. Zara McFarlane: Mama Done
05. The Park: These Are The Days
06. Lefties Soul Connection: She’s Not Answering
07. The Two.Fifteens: PatchedUppRugby
08. Gregory Porter: 1960 What?
09. Kubus & Sticks: Winterklaar
10. Flying Lotus: AB-Originals
11. Grems: Miki
12. Ben Westbeech: Butterflies
13. Ifan Dafydd: To Me
14. Blackwax: Offkey
15. Simbad: Real Players
16. Gang Colours: Fancy Restaurant (Machinedrum Remix)
17. Krampfhaft: Perfect Gain Structure
18. GoldFFinch: Belle