MENU Recommended // Spaven's 5ive on Jazz re:freshed

Recommended // Spaven’s 5ive on Jazz re:freshed

May 10, 2011

Back in December 2010, Brownswood extended fam Richard Spaven dropped a mini-album for Jazz re:freshed that we kinda slept on. More fool us – it’s a wicked little journey into the hinterlands between jazz, hip-hop and electronica.

The Jazz re:freshed 5ive’s are a series of five track mini-album releases, showcasing the quality, influence and diversity of jazz, whilst celebrating the music’s unsung heroes and emerging unsigned talent. It was devised to offer musicians an opportunity to stretch themselves and their music, in essence giving an outlet to artists that Jazz re:freshed believe need to be heard.

We’ve been aware of Richard’s awesome talent for some time as the drummer in the Jose James quartet. Drumming for the likes of the Robert Mitchell 3io, Hall of Fame Hip Hop emcee (the late) GURU, Mark de Clive Lowe, 4hero, Legends of the Underground, The Cinematic Orchestra, to name just a few – Spaven is one of a trend of drummers, who in recent times have broken out from behind the band set-up, to establish themselves as solo artists in their own right.

‘Spaven’s 5ive’ comes highly recommended. Check it!

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