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August 26, 2008

Shook Magazine (Issue No. 1)
For those who don’t know about Shook magazine, this UK based mag. is as they say inspired by the five elements, the four noble truths, three – the magic number, forever two stepping (never half) but still always on the 1. It also represents not just the vibrations of the melodic underground but preaches peace and overstanding in this world of madness. I’ve been checking it out since Issue N°1 (N°3 should be out now) and I am always very enthousiastic about the content (it’s like they read my mind). The issues feature interviews with Flying Lotus, Pilooski, Ras G and many more but it also has a nice portrait on Arthur Russell (Word!).
The issues are now downloadable at their website but you can also purchase (better) the original magazine (for easy reading in the bathroom maybe?!). Shook!