MENU Shuggie Otis // Wings of Love EPK

Shuggie Otis // Wings of Love EPK

March 26, 2013

Reluctant soul genius and prodigal son Shuggie Otis has been something of an elusive figure in the last 40 years. Releasing two albums by the age of 21, he disappeared from the limelight, citing stage fright and disdain for the music industry, leaving fans the world over reeling at his lack of output. But now, over four decades later, his now classic album ‘Inspiration Information’ is being reissued, along with a number of previously unreleased tracks.

Check out the video above for an introduction to the humble man, and an introduction to the reissue album ‘Wings of Love’. Have a listen to ‘Special’ below, which is typical of the sound Shuggie reps.

Shuggie dropped by the basement at the end of last year to chat to GP. Watch this space, as the podcast will be coming soon.