MENU Snaps from Brownswood Pop-Up Record Store

Snaps from Brownswood Pop-Up Record Store

April 20, 2011

What a success! We managed to raise 1500 pounds for the Steve Reid foundation. The atmosphere was electrifying, people from all ages and tribes gathered under the same roof for the love of vinyl.

In one corner, a dread-locked off duty street cleaner flicked through the Brownswood collection, while hip-youths moved to sets from Eliphino, Jesse Hackett, the Bpm and Orsii under a festival themed tent. The bands were also great, RocketNumberNine came through with some deep profound electronica and Obenewa got everyone hyped with her soulful vocals.

The likes of Patrick Forge and Dark Sky also dropped by to browse through the collection as well as participating in the bidding war. Gilles was joined by vocal wizard Earl Zinger who got the crowd going as signed The XX box sets, limited Four Tet, Thom Yorke vinyl’s  and other rare goodies were auctioned off to excited vinyl junkies. Here are a few snaps of the afternoon for those who missed out.