MENU Sonzeira // Aves De Leme video

Sonzeira // Aves De Leme video

October 7, 2016

Forward-thinking artist and doodler Hattie Stewart has been part of the Tam Tam Tam Reimagined project from the beginning. In Gilles’ hunt for José Prates’ original Tam… Tam… Tam…! LP, He gave her a record sleeve he’d acquired (which, frustratingly for him, was missing the record itself) for her to add new layers of images and ideas to. In turn, Gilles tracked down a copy of the elusive album and – along with production compadres Rob G and Will LV – set to reimagining the music, finding common ground with contemporary club rhythms.

So it only felt right to continue that collaboration with a music video where Hattie’s illustrations come to life. Following the dream-like drift of Aves De Leme, we find ourselves in a darkly lit, brutalist surroundings of the Barbican, where two lovers push and pull until finding one other.

You can check the video here.

The album is out now! Order on CD, vinyl and digital from Bandcamp.

And, for any fans in Japan, Sonzeira are coming to Tokyo to play their first ever live show on Saturday 8th October. You can buy tickets here.