MENU SOTU Diggin' vol.1

SOTU Diggin’ vol.1

January 19, 2009

To add to my week of mischevious gwanins’… I’ve managed to add working at Sounds of the Universe aka Soul Jazz on Thursday and Fridays.

and… as inevitable as it is? I end up diggin’ through the selections new & old!!

and instead of allowing the gems that I come across on  a weekly basis, to fall into my record box for the odd play here or there? I’ve decided to write a weekly on the movements insiiiide each week… and spread some light on my weekly discoveries.

A lowdown on the not so new dicoveries and re-discoveries on here.

and…. the new arrivals on Who is the bPm?

1. Fela Kuti – Monkey Banana / Excuse O

Perfect…!! But then Fela always is!! The last track Mr Grammarticalogyisationalism Is The Boss… is amazing.

Sit down… turn on some Fela and fight through thoughts.

2. Loft Classics Volume Two

The best thing about working in a record shop… is coming across music or cd’s by guys that i’m not too familiar with and then getting into their music as I’ve been told I would do.

Loft Classics and David Mancuso belong to that category…!! An amazing cd, with 9 surefire disco / funk dancefloor smashers.

3. Selda – Selda

This one provides a loada recognizable samples for a load of tracks on Stonesthrow… and completely understandably!!!

Every track hits you with a knee jerk “this cd’s wicked” reaction… Turkish Folk Rock??

Apparently it’s a protest record? About what? I have no idea?

4. Theo Parrish – Fallin’ Up (Carl Craig remix)

Been on the lookout for this one for a little while… This tracks reminds me of pelting it up the motorway in the direction of Southport last summer…. and bashing out Carl Craigs  C2 Sessions on the way!! Carl Craig and Theo Parrish combining forces…. how much more evidence do you need on Detroit tech?!

5. Madlib the Beat Konducta : Vol 1-2 Movie Scenes

Don’t know how I missed this one originally, but with 5 -6 about to drop. Thought I’d go back and check 1-2…

These tapes before, were for the listening pleasure of the likes of Erykah Badu, Talib Kweili and Jay Electronica… and anyone else who could get hold of a copy. This was the first in the series to expose little snippets of sorcery to the public listening pleasure.

MADLIB…. The Coltrane of the beats?