MENU Sound Motives 1. Shigeto

Sound Motives 1. Shigeto

March 30, 2015

Sound Motives is an audio interview project launching this week, exploring what sources influence and inspire musicians to create.

Episode 1 features drummer, producer, and Ghostly International recording artist, Zach ‘Shigeto’ Saginaw, who discusses what has shaped his sound, touching on his hometown of Ann Arbor, and his experiences growing up near Detroit. He talks about his musical beginnings, the challenges involved in performing live as an electronic artist, and the dangers of getting sick of your own work.

These discussions are framed around ‘Sound Sources’ from Shigeto’s upbringing; tracks and influences that have shaped his musical journey so far, alongside productions of his own.

You can dig deeper into each topic discussed on the website, with links to related documentaries and Spotify playlists.

If you want to stay fully up to date on new episodes, you can follow the project here: