MENU the bPm loves.... Jay Electronica

the bPm loves…. Jay Electronica

September 24, 2008

….and that should come as no surprise.

If you have no idea who he is..? Then your WEAK.

The hottest thing in Hip Hop at the moment, and we’re all waiting with the hope of salvation for his debut album proper.

If your late then check out…

1. Act One: Eternal Sunshine – This was the first I heard from The Electronica… Master Piece!!

2. Check his podcast with Gilles

Jay Electroninca and Gilles Peterson

Jay Electronica and Gilles Peterson

I’ve been stumbling across a loads of videos of his performances… These are couple to prove that his situation at The Worldwide Awards this year… was purely a pothole on the road to wherever he wants to go.


Interview on Guerilla Nation


Jay Electronica performs Dimethyltryptamine and Victory Is In My Clutches live


He stole the dudes camera…

If your in NY… LUCKY YOU!!

Go check him..!!! and Just Blazes’ blog… They making the album together.


Rock the Bells is coming to Europe…. BaNG!!

Rock the Bells UK

Rock the Bells UK

more info here…

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