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January 12, 2009

A new year, let’s hope it will be as good musically as 2008; We had the chance to hear beautiful artists (and one of them is definitely Jose James).
This is The Hop, and this week nothing but great music on the show.  I start off with Mood Schula, who’s from Seoul, South-Korea (and to those who don’t know yet, they got some heat over there), then I got this “Get Em High” Kanye joint remixed by Boston producer Insight (remember Brick Records?), not bad at all! Really, you need to check for Exiles album when it comes out on Plug Research end of this month ‘coz it’s bangin’ like that.  Green Lantern‘s remix of Jay-Z’s “Brooklyn Go Hard” is definitely worth listening to as it has the “Sound Bwoy Burrell” break in it, a true BK anthem. Jazzy Sport never sleeps as it drops Garactic Mellow, very soulful stuff with nice drums programmed by Grooveman Spot (of course); a song from Q-Tip to Obama, a beautiful DJ Day remix of Marvin Gaye on Mpm Records and then of course the Floating Points x Real To Reel banger “Love Me Like This” definitely NOT on Warp Records, just to make things extra clear.  Also, check that new release (soon) on Nik Weston’s Mukatsuku, a very nice edit of Grant Green‘s “Let The Music Take Your Mind“; and definitely look out for this London cat called Digital Freakswing, that’s my myspace tip of the week (I guess)… Click & Enjoy!