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The Hop Night

October 3, 2008

Yesterday we had our first event that goes by the name of my radioshow “The Hop” (Studio Brussels). We invited the Platinum Pied Pipers and DJ Nu-Mark (of Jurassic 5) on stage (in Gent, Belgium @ Minnemeers) and it was a good one.  A couple of days ago I had an interview with Waajeed through the phone and seemed a bit nervous, so I was curious about the vibe inside the group, luckily it was all good, had diner with the guys and it’s all love (people can have a bad day sometimes).  Waajeed, Karma and Saadiq are really nice people and open, and so is Coultrain.  Soundcheck went perfect for PPP while it was hard to find enough space for DJ Nu-Mark and his toys, yes, toys (i’ll tell you later)!
After an opener by local producer Dyno (Beat Dimensions) Platinum Pied Pipers came on stage to rock a crowd that obviously didn’t know what to expect (since the new album comes out in January).  The show was ok, I just say ok because they never could take the crowd (and their show) to another dimension. Why?  Probably coz people remember the “Triple P” album and maybe expected more of that stuff (it’s been 3 years) than the kinda Motown/Uptempo sound they brought yesterday.  Some liked it some found it weak; that makes it a fair show to me ;) .
What I expected to be a great time was DJ Nu-Mark; and it truly was!  He made it a night to remember actually (you’ll be back Mark).  Coming on stage, rockin’ the crowd with a classic but dope selection and saving the “bouquet final” for the end;  or how to make beats with toys.  It was just insane, the beautiful thing was to see the smiles in the crowd, like we were all little children watching how Nu-Mark plays with toys; like “I want too, pleeeease..“! A little monkey, a jazz man on batteries, little FisherPrice cubes, pads, a mini turntable, man, craaaazy!
numark toys
If he comes to England, make sure to check him out, he’s definitely worth the money.

Thank you for the music guys, I had fun.