MENU Thelonious


September 25, 2008

Well, we all know about Mos Def’s musical and acting talent; but I’ve seen him a couple of times live and I always was dissapointed.  Not really by him but more by the show; you can’t ask a man (solo) to support the whole show on his own but it’s also his job to make it the best show ever.  Every time I saw him perform in Europe he came with two deejays, both dropping wellknown classic soul tunes in between Mos Def songs, and Mos Def asking the people “Do You Know this sample?“; Most of them were so obvious; and that for 2 hours.  Mos’ will be part of the “Rock The Bells” tour in November and won’t have his band with him either; anyway…

And then, you see him on Youtube performing crazy songs with Robert Glasper (like Common’s “Thelonious”) and singing all the way; which is the reason why I love Mos Def (I know he can do good shit on stage).  So please Danté, next time you come overseas make sure it’s worth the money (we pay btw) to see you perform; make it a show to remember, give us your Dilla tribute songs like this one:

Ow, and by the way, have you seen that interview with Frank (&Dank) and Dilla at the airport talking business?  Here it is; It’s fantastic!