MENU Thom Yorke collaborates with MF Doom

Thom Yorke collaborates with MF Doom

March 22, 2011

Does Thom Yorke sleep? Probably not, but on those rare occasions when he does his mind is likely to still tick with more audacious collaborations. Recently dropping a split 12” with Burial and Four Tet, Yorke isn’t one to rest on his laurels. News report announces a forthcoming collaboration between Thom Yorke and masked hip hop maverick (MF) Doom.

In an interview with 3D World Magazine, Doom stated that he’s “doing some stuff with Thom Yorke… we’re working on some duets, some duet songs and shit. Just like preliminary shit but we’ll probably end up doing a whole record together… he’s cool – he got a lot of ill ass ideas and shit, you know.”

The unlikely pair teamed up back in 2009, when Yorke created a remix of the Doom’s Gazzillion Ear which was featured as a bonus track on Doom’s album Born Like This.

Doom, who’s currently on his debut Australian tour, also mentioned in his interview that he’s sharpening the edges to his Madvillan record and doing an album for Williams Street Records with Adult Swim.