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Tokyo Day 1

April 8, 2009

After 11 hours I finally arrived at destination.  When you see this major icon of the country called the Fuji san, you know you’re close to land as it ain’t that far from Tokyo at all.  British Airways is definitely a good company to fly long distance as the service was great, the food was half-shitty and the media service was great.  Arriving at the Narita airport we still could see the remains of the plane that crashed there a couple of weeks ago remember? I don’t want to…  The only thing I really hate about airports in general is the time you waste waiting at the customs/immigration; asking you tons of questions, asking to put your fingers in little machines and at the same time making a picture of your face.  Asking me who you stay with, euhm with “Taro“, ok but “Taro who?“, I dunno, just “Taro“…haha; that man looked at me like I was trying to play him.  Finally got through all this mess and arrived at the station to take the JR Express straight to Tokyo.  All the way to Tokyo it’s mostly an unlimited amount of buildings, some more crazy than others but all so different from what we used to.  I can’t really tell you how it feels to be around but everytime I see something it reminds me of the manga’s I used to check when I was a kid; it’s very similar and all so real.
This train to Tokyo took me to another station where I had to take the metro to Shibuya station, that’s the place where Jazzy Sport is located, still one of the dopest recordstores I know and definitely family.  I’m hooking up with Taro who’s one of the gentle people behind Jazzy Sport.  Located on the 4th floor of a building in Shibuya I couldn’t even put all my bags in the elevator haha;  I love to see Sakura, the cherry blossoms are in full effect right now and it’s definitely a must see in Japan, so if you plan to come over, plan it for end of March/early April, it’s very beautiful.
I’m staying at the Jazzy Sport house, close to Shibuya but a complete different in Tokyo called Naga-Mekuro.  A peaceful neighbourhood, quiet like I love them places in Tokyo and very nice roommates, it’s all artists here.  When I arrived it was Mitsu who was in the building, finally I had to meet the guy, really friendly and smiling person and very humble I think.  We were listening to some of his latest works and like always it’s fresh and funky, Mitsu style.  Sugoiiiii.  What I like most is probably trying to live the Japanese way or at least eat the Japanese way, I can’t say it’s easy since it’s based on fish but it’s definitely different and it might be good for the body from time to time, re-generating myself here I think.
Hard to wake up after a 29hours of no sleep, completely smashed, jetlagged… but definitely down for day 2.