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Tokyo Day 2

April 8, 2009

Wow, I didn’t know today would be all about Sakura, cherry blossoms!  I told you about it, it’s the right time if you want to enjoy this beautiful event. Back in the days it was poets and singers who’d gather and celebrate this event under the blossoms, it’s really a social thing.  During WW2, Sakura was used as a symbol to motivate the kamikaze pilots and drew it on their planes as a symbol of beauty.  They say that the Government told people that every soldier who died was reincarnated into a cherry flower and the flower is still used by military and police as their logo on flags, badges instead of stars.
So I stopped by the Naka-Meguro station with my lady to enjoy this beautiful Spring time.  Two long rows of Sakura are separated by a river, a typical river like in the manga, it’s actually pretty long, we didn’t even see the end of it.  Around us, a lotta people filming, taking pictures, mostly Japanese, I didn’t see any tourist really except us.  People enjoying their lunch sitting on chairs, watching cherry flowers going down the river.  The weather is really nice this week, warm and no clouds at all, no wind which gives me more days to enjoy the blossom period.  The blossom actually starts around January in Okinawa and then traditionally gets to Kyoto and Tokyo around the end of March.

Then we headed from Naka-Meguro to Uêno; It’s a park with a zoo inside (they got Pandas) and a museum.  The park isn’t really one to sit in the grass but more one to enjoy to walk through it, under the cherry blossom with a couple of thousand others drinking and celebrate.  I think they even reserve their place under a specific tree, colleagues, enterprises doing meetings, groups of students coming together, man this is really a nice way to celebrate the beginning of Spring.

Word, I just got surprised by my friend Masaya (from Cro-Magnon & TettoryBad), he passed by the house so say hi.  It’s all family here, I didn’t know what Tettory meant until he told me it means “walk/run fast, but not too fast” in Japanese.  He’s a real creative athlete, works for Jazzy Sport, makes music with Cro-Magnon & Tettory Bad, produces for other artists out here and does a mini-football game on the other side of Tokyo bay every thursday night around midnight till 3am with other Jazzy Sport members, I am invited and definitely will do that.  I now understand what “Jazzy Sport” means. Goodnite, Day 3 is coming….