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Tokyo Day 3

April 20, 2009

Day 3, It’s actually goin’ pretty fast for us over here.  Today, again went very fast, maybe it’s because it’s dark early in Japan, or is it because we move a lot in the city and distances are big to get from one place to another? Anyway, I noticed that every time we got off the Tokyo Metro it got darker and darker haha.  Today we started by going to Tokyu Hands in Shibuya, a big department store which has everything you might need, it’s a famous shop in Tokyo.  When we walked we didn’t plan to stay long but in the end it took us ages. It’s really interesting because you can find separate pieces of everything, from electronics to plastic parts for your bagpak; I mean, in Europe you go to the shop to tell them something broke on your bagpak and they will tell you to buy another bag, here they will find you the broken part and you can replace it.  There’s another good and big shop in the Shibuya neighbourhood called LoFt.  It has other types of things like portable mini-plastic cameras, stuff for school, fluo shower gadgets.. I mean, they really see life in color, not only inside in shops but you go outside and everybody is colorful, it’s really a pleasure for the eye.

2nd thing we went to is my friends’ shop called Jazzy Sport.  One of the top recordshops and labels in the world if you ask me; a wide range of black music, from hiphop to disco and house, it’s dangerous to enter this shop.  Wednesday is the new releases day so I found some nice gems of course, I bought a lotta stuff, good music overall…it’s necessary for recordshops since a lot closed down in Tokyo, I heard about 100 shops closed, yeah it really ain’t easy nowadays and that’s why we, the deejays, need to keep the ones still operating alive, buy from your local recordshop!

From there we decided to find a good restaurant called Las Chicas in the Harajuku neighbourhood; we have a hard time finding restaurants that can cook gluten-free (no bread, no pasta, no soja sauce, can’t eat anything flower based) since my girl can’t eat any of that at this time…very difficult in Japan. Las Chicas was nice, we had mushroom risotto and chicken.  Harajuku is a clash between Paris’ Champs Elysées and London’s Carnaby Street which means you can find big brands like Chanel, Fred Perry and Louis Vuitton and turn around the corner and you get nice sneakershops like Atmos.  It’s also the place where people go loose on style, especially on sunday.  You can find lots of strange shops, I found this shop who sold clothes for dogs, smokings, dresses, everything for dogs, even little socks haha.  It’s also close to Yoyogi, the park where the youngsters come together dressed Gothic on sunday, that’s a real tourist attraction but it’s also really a Tokyo thing. ;)

Shinjuku, one of the main stations in Tokyo is a place to take many trains to the countryside or to other cities so we tried to get our tickets to Hakone, about 1h30 from Tokyo, the place to check the mount Fuji aka Fuji san, the volcano, the 1st symbol of Japan and one of the first things you will see from the plane.  I really want to see it, dunno why but it’s like the Fuji is calling me to pass by; I think everyone should go see the Fuji when in Japan, you can’t miss that one.  So, I was talking about the tickets right?  Well, we still need to figure out how to go there because there’s something like a Free Pass but it’s only available if you stay 2 or 3 days and we want to stay 1 day and get back to Tokyo because I need to be in town for a football game at midnight with the boys from Jazzy Sport, yeah I know, hard to the core… More about Hakone tomorrow until then I’ll finish our pasta we made yesterday, not bad but taste definitely not like home… Sayonara.