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Weekend Report

September 15, 2008

Hey, how was the weekend?  Fine, thank you!  It all started on friday afternoon, taking a train from Brussels to Den Haag in the Netherlands where I’ve been asked by the Future Vintage crew (Kindred Spirits) to program the radioshow “live” from Pure Jazz (Festival).

Of course, it’s all Family and I never hesitate to help the Kindred Spirits homeboys; by the way (talking about Kindred Spirits..) make sure to check their new release by the Kindred Spirits Ensemble, it’s incredible!  “Love Is Supreme” is an EP not completely based on Coltrane’s work but also embraces spiritual Jazz standards.  It’s already a must have and I know someone (a huge Coltrane fan) who will definitely say “I must have this record” soon (or maybe He has it already ;) ).  Ow, and if you’re really into it, check out this exclusive concert at the Paradiso..Wow!  Label of the year, Yes I agree…
Future Vintage was recorded “Live” at the Spize and we had a small but interesting crowd, I finally met that guy from Moovmnt and we talked several minutes about new releases (I like that a lot.), He (and his collegues) is doing a great job to make his blog one of the most interesting ones in the game right now.


Also, during the second hour of the show we had a live performance by de Javaanse Jongens, a group signed to Kindred Spirits and actually released a Nod Navigators record (watch out for the next one by Dorian Concept); their show was short but very soulful and the World needs Soul these days.  Radna & Melodee did a great job that night and for those who know what it is to do a radioshow, well, it’s never easy, but outside, with people looking at you it’s even harder (ask Radna…lol!).  Kees aka KC The Funkaholic of Kindred Spirits (I call him “The Man”) passed by for a little interview and set (very nice) and it’s always interesting to hear the man talk, you can feel the love for music coming out of his body; we need more people like him on this planet too (and like Boye…).  As you can see, this is already a lot to read, and this is only about one night, I had two other gigs on saturday (in Amsterdam) for Appletree Records but will leave it here… I like to talk as you can see. Enjoy your week.