September 6, 2012

So the launch event is on its way and it’s a sell out! You’ve heard about the live acts from around the world in the last post, now we’ve got a taster of some of the Nottingham scene that are helping to bring the event alive.


Metaphi aka Metske

One of Nottingham’s Wigflex crew, who will be spinning after Gilles to round off the night. An innovator in the electronic scene, Metaphi’s work is at a hip-hop tempo cutting together funky, minimal and tech sounds with the odd classical sample for good measure. He’s not afraid to mix up his influences.

Wigflex have been pioneers of Nottingham’s Underground Scene for last 6 years priding themselves on bringing the very best in left field dance music, with the likes of Joy Orbison, Mount Kimbie and James Blake to name but a few.

Check out the website here


Latest Metske EP

Dave Stickman Higgins

A performance poet, percussionist, artist, actor, wordsmith call him what you like, Stickman will be imparting words to welcome the international artists to the city. As well as being the lyrical man of the city, Stickman is well know on the jazz scene and his recent music project Stick Manouvres, which brings a Jazz fusion sound reminiscent of Freddie Hubbard on Here and Now Recordings.


Joff – WEYA Warm Up Mix

Joff, DJ, vinyl lover and graphic designer has been working on the project from the beginning. After years of DJing around the city, he collaborated with Dealmaker last year on the Jazz and Electronica festival Raise the Roof, for the Framework charity.

They decided to team up again to pull together the WEYA launch event. What with organising 1500 strong event, the idea of doing a set has gone out the window, but he’s found time (probably in his sleep) to put together a typically eclectic mix with his signature world jazz style, that gives a taste of the coming festival.


With its roots in hip hop, but now a much broader creative label and promoter, Dealmaker have been making the jazz, hip hop and electronica happen all over the city for the last ten years. Having worked with the likes of Lone, Keaver and Brause, Hugh Pascall and Origamibiro they were that natural choice for the World Event Young Artists.

Check a clip of their latest project, Sicarios featuring Hugh Pascall:

Soul Buggin

To top it all off, Soul Buggin’ a DJ collective consisting of local spinners Beane, Wrighty and Mark A. They’ll be bringing their legendary collection of vinyl. Touching on all things soulful in the widest sense these legendary collectors, promoters and DJ’s deserve the utmost respect.

Their monthly night in Nottingham has brought all manner of DJ royalty to the city and still remains one of the best event to check out.

Listen to their Summer 2012 mix here.