MENU Worldwide Awards 2017 // Introducing: Trim

Worldwide Awards 2017 // Introducing: Trim

October 7, 2016

As we set the gears in motion for the 2017 edition of the Worldwide Awards on the 21st January, we’re putting together intro profiles to give you the scoop on the talent populating the bill. Next up is Trim.

Trim is a genuine one-off. An immediately discernible presence and personality, his distinctive, lopsided flow stands out in 3D from any backing track it’s wrapped around. Since cutting his teeth in the early days of grime, he has honed an inimitable and witty lyrical approach, seamlessly blending everyday observation with surreal humour. Witty insults cut abruptly into strange and imaginative asides; tales of growing up are paired with musings on video games, family, friendship and London life.

“I think in grime a lot of people thought you had to be a certain persona or say certain things to be a grime MC,” reflects Trim of the unique worldview and darkly humorous streak that mark out his lyrics. “Whereas I didn’t think you had to be – you just have to be yourself. I’m just in my own cloud, my own bubble – and I never want to come out, either, because if you try to adjust to everyone else, you’re not yourself. So I’d just stay away from everyone else, hide in my house and write the first thing that comes to my head.”

Within his self-defined world, Trim’s lyrics and flow are able to cut across genres, a rare versatility which has made him a uniquely adaptable presence as an MC, from his origins in the grime scene and a stint in seminal grime collective Roll Deep, to a prolific string of acclaimed solo mixtapes and collaborations with a host of varied names within the electronic music world, including James Blake, Mark Pritchard, Becoming Real and Dusk & Blackdown.

We sent him a few questions to get an update from him and get his worldwide perspective.

Where in the world…

…are you now?

I’m In East London… E14 My Home Town!!

…inspires you?

I’m inspired by all music an go round in circles sometimes .. But at the moment been listening to Nico Lindsay from north London

…have you done your best performance?

Performing with James Blake at Glastonbury an bon iver in Berlin with the teenage engineering guys!! Was amazing but I still fell my best is yet to come

…has the best food?

Best food in the world for me is probably West Indian

…do you go to escape?

I’m yet to find a place in the world where I could go to escape but for me writing music anywhere in the world is how I escape.

…do you most want to go?

Places like America … An Hong Kong .. China in general!!

…has the best music right now?

The best music in the world is right here people.. Ur looking at him!

What 3 acts would be on your dream line-up?

My dream Line up would Eminem .. Myself .. N kendrick

Finally, how many languages can you say hello in? And can you prove it?

I dunno many languages as yet n mostly only know bad words from the countries I do .. So Imma pass!

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