MENU Worldwide Festival '09 - Day 2

Worldwide Festival ’09 – Day 2

July 5, 2009

Amazing second day at the WWF 2009 in Sete. Elan Mehler and Adam McBride-Smith wowed the audience at the Theatre de la Mer, featuring a double cameo from Soil & “PIMP” drummer Midorin and Akita Goldman on upright bass. The Pimps then comprehensively KILLED it – one of the finest gigs I’ve ever witnessed – they just seem to get better and better. Over at the lighthouse, Dorian Concept impressed a lot of people despite heavy rain interrupting play. Big ups to Lefto and Frank for keeping his microkorg dry – haha! Martyn’s set was impeccable. Deep funky/techno grooves all the way – Donaeo’s ‘Devil In A Blue Dress’ instrumental was the highlight for me. HUGE! Last but by no means least, Carl Craig finished the night off with consummate ease – the crowd was eating out of his hand from the get-go.