MENU Worldwide Festival - Day 3

Worldwide Festival – Day 3

July 6, 2009

Yizzerrrrrrr! Gilles took to the decks for an early set at ACD keeping things nice and relaxed. Joints from the new Havana Cultura album (more on that soon- watch this space) sounded heavy, and it wasn’t long before booties were shaking left, right and centre. Back to the villa for a power nap before heading to Theatre de la Mer where Mocky showcased some snazzy headwear and even snazzier grooves before Jimi Tenor and family wiled out, inducing the same crowd reaction reserved for Soil & “PIMP” Sessions on Friday night ie. some serious body movin’ at the front of the stage.

Over at the lighthouse, homie Pierre Fulgeance attacked his MPCs with vigour and 2000 heads bobbed enthusiastically. He impressed a lot of people I think, like his mate Dorian Concept on Friday. His beats definitely sounded chunky on the system – gotta love the old Akai compressors – BOOM! With the sound crew running around like lunatics trying to set up Laurent Garnier’s equipment, Alex Barck from Jazzanova stepped up to the decks and worked the crowd with a typically deep and groovy set. Then it was the turn of Laurent Garnier to showcase his live set, featuring keys, trumpet, saxophone, and nuff fx and computer jiggery pokery from Laurent. The crowd lapped it up, which is no surprise given Laurent’s godlike status. Anyways, enough chat – see for yourself…