MENU Worldwide Festival kicks off...

Worldwide Festival kicks off…

July 3, 2009

…with Beatspoke, Principles of Geometry, Theo Parrish, Diplo and Stereotyp (on his KU BO ish). Surprise surprise, Lefto went straight back to his hotel room, got his iMovie game on and posted up before half of us were tucked up in bed. The man is a machine – scroll down for the Day 1 movie – EXTRA LARGE UPS!

Welcome to Worldwide Festival

GP goes diggin'

Theo Parrish winds it up

the bPm busts a move

Did somebody say Diplo was in the house?

WAMP WAMP! What it do!!

Finally, gotta props Mr Parrish for playing ‘Sweet ‘N’ Sour’ by The Crusaders in its entirety. Made my night.

The Crusaders - Free As The Wind