MENU Worldwide Festival Singapore 2010

Worldwide Festival Singapore 2010

August 31, 2010

What a beautiful experience it is to visit a developping country in Asia; Singapore is (I just read it in a magazine) the fastest growing country in the world and I witnessed the evolution as I was there last year. This year the festival decided to work with the most famous club of the city; Zouk is an institution in the area with an unbelievable decor and an impressive sound, 4000 people can get in and they have an important crew working there weekly.It was very organised, can’t blame anything, the whole weekend was perfect, nice hotel, (the pool had windows on the bottom so you could swim and watch people in the restaurant at the same time), great food and good people.

First night, Gilles played the kinda sets I really like, going from hiphop to latin and house… Dam-Funk killed it on the turntables, microkorg and on the mic… heard Dorian Concept had a great one and so hadIkonika. I played for a more hiphop crowd, it was alright.The second dayGilles & myself had to do this Q&A for Heineken, and for someone like me who doesn’t drink it’s kind of funny to take pictures with a bottle of Heineken in my hand, anyway… That night was really fun with Zed Bias & me at the great room that is the Velvet Underground; we did a back to back which was really fun, Jazztronik proved me how incredible they are, we need them in Sète next year… opening the festival, that would be sick!D.o.P. Live is always something you want to see and I think not everyone understood their style, some girls ran away when asked to sit away.. They did a very impressive show as always. Ending with Jeremy Boon in “his” room, I heard some great tunes from the resident Zouk Club deejay… good stuff.

On sunday I wanted to go to the Marina Bay Sands hotel, that’s 3 buildings next to each other and a platform on top with a nice swimming pool, trees, restaurant etc… Something you will probably never see in Europe, it’s just too crazy but I had to see it. Took Ikonika & Zed Bias with me, we had a great time.. felt like visiting the future! Late afternoon we went to this club by the beach on the Sentosa island, great environment, music was ok, it’s just that I don’t always feel like listening to boom boom music all the time, especially on a beach… give me some soul or latin music and you’ll see me smile and enjoy… anyway, had to run back to the hotel, grab my bags and leave to the airport with Ikonika. Singapore is definitely a nice experience, it proves me once again that Asia has the keys to the future, it’s all happening over there now, at least when it comes to economic growth. Thank you Singapore & Worldwide Festival for a wonderful weekend. Encore…