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February 16, 2009

Friday the 13th, usually known for bad things but Gilles Peterson Worldwide night organised by Het Depot in Leuven, Belgium (shout out to my man Mike) was fan-tas-tic!  Studio Brussel, the radiostation that hosts my show was part of the night as we recorded the whole night and will be broadcasted next thursday on The Hop of course.  What to expect?  It was a night with beautiful music; Nicola Conte with band was really nice, I like the guy, never met him before and was surprised by his personality. Gilles dropped some nice tunes, man, I really loved that Laos track, sounded like 4Hero to me but that’s not a negative thing, and always nice to hear new tracks by Omar and lots of Brazilian music, you know I love that sh*t.  Then came Alex Barck for Jazzanova, like wow, he was going deep, maybe too deep sometimes (for the crowd) but definitely down with the Coltrane x Italoboys track, when that one drops it’s over, very nice track.  The night was sold-out a month ago and the people who came down to enjoy beautiful music were served I think; the type of parties you’d like to see more around the corner.

Props to my main man Alex of On-Point for doing the little interviews for me, Mike for doin’ it, Peter for bringing the boys over and big up to everybody buying tickets in advance. ;)