MENU Worldwide Premiere: Black Disco - Super Natural Love

Worldwide Premiere: Black Disco – Super Natural Love

June 23, 2016

Restoring classic, out-of-print South African afro-jazz, Matsuli Music holds up the microscope to a moment of musical history that has been severely under-represented. Their latest is a reissue of a landmark 1976 albu, from Pops Mohamed’s Black Disco group, who explored a new hybrid sound in apartheid South Africa, part Philly-soul, part Cape jazz and part bump-jive. ‘Super Natural Love’ takes on gospel undertones with the prominence of the organ throughout, layering staccato bursts with soothing chords.

Night Express still stands as a testament of hope in face of hardship and a resoluteness to assert a clear musical identity surrounded by economic, political and cultural oppression. 40 years after its original release and barely any Youtube uploads to its name should indicate what a hidden gem this album is, and just how pivotal Matsuli’s work is in representing this sound.

Night Express is out now – grab it from Bandcamp.

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