MENU Worldwide Premiere // Eliphino - Piano Day

Worldwide Premiere // Eliphino – Piano Day

July 21, 2016

When Eliphino announced his return last week, with a new EP and label, it was encouraging to see the electronic music world hadn’t moved on without him. Quite the contrary, the reaction suggested he was still held in the highest esteem among an audience who have been bombarded – and distracted – by new names and styles in the three year period since his last release.

Joy In Repetition is the name shared by said EP and label (started with Andy Lemay at Dimensions Festival), and represents the product of a lot of soul searching on Eliphino’s part; a journey that took him to Berlin and back to London, and a lot of patience, experimenting and procrastination, as he told Stamp The Wax in a recent interview. While the industry around him was speeding up, Eliphino didn’t flinch, and the restraint has fully paid off in this timely, relevant and formidable release.

Despite what the name suggests, there’s not much piano present in ‘Piano Days’; instead, jungle forms the backbone, harking back to Eliphino’s “first love“. As other are employing at the moment – see Route 8, PLO Man, Traumprinz and Luca Lozano – the rave throwback, pitched down 30 odd bpm for a house tempo, gives a dreamy, ethereal appearance. Combine that with clever vocal sampling, that harks back to another Eliphino accomplishment ‘More Than Me‘, and you’ve got a pretty powerful combination.

Joy In Repetition EP 1 is out 25th July and is available to pre-order (digital/vinyl) from Bandcamp. Listen to another track off the EP – ‘Isabella Road‘ – which is featured on Jackmaster’s DJ Kicks.

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