MENU Worldwide Premiere: Planet Battagon - Turnip

Worldwide Premiere: Planet Battagon – Turnip

June 30, 2016

Founded back in 1994 by Basement Jaxx, Atlantic Jaxx was originally intended as an outlet to release music from its creators. Over time, now well into its third decade in operation, their roster and sound has diversified to provide an insight into the wider musical appreciation of the band.

Their latest release travels beyond the reaches of the Hubble Telescope to the far away Planet Battagon. Combining space-bass-jazz with intergalactic techno, the four tracks on Episode 1 offer an otherworldly concoction of bleeps and bloops, as if The Clangers and Jeff Mills teamed up for a live show at the International Space Station.

Planet Battagon – Episode 01 is out now on Atlantic Jaxx Recordings. Grab the vinyl from Phonica or Juno.

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