MENU WWA 2016 // Henry Wu presents: Yussef Kamaal

WWA 2016 // Henry Wu presents: Yussef Kamaal

October 1, 2015

First up from the roster of amazing talent performing at this years Worldwide Awards 2016 we have, Henry Wu presenting Yussef Kamaal!

Where in the world are you now?
Yussef Dayes is in Forest Hill, London and Mr. Wu is down the road in Peckham.

Inspires you?
The streets of Southwark and Lewisham, it is here we have grown up, gone to school, eaten okra, signed on, signed off and been blessed with so many different cultures that inspire us especially through music.

Have you done your best performance?
We had a wicked show a couple weeks ago for Jazz Refreshed at the Royal festival hall.

Has the best food?
Lebanon and Taipei

do you go to escape?
There is no escape, reality is everywhere.

do you most want to go?
We’re due to be seasoning a few drums out in Senegal next year.

Has the best music right now?
Wu’s kitchen.


how many languages can you say hello in?
Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Peshtu, Senegalese, Turkish….. + more, and yes we can prove it!

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