MENU WWA 2016 // Introducing: Eska

WWA 2016 // Introducing: Eska

December 11, 2015

As we continue to gear up for the Worldwide Awards on the 16th January, we’ve put together another intro profile to help y’all get a handle on the many bright and shining talents who are populating this year’s bill. You can now buy physical tickets (limited to 100) for £40.

Next up is Eska. With a very recent Mercury nomination under her belt for her self-titled debut album, it was a no brainer to get her down to the Awards. Her influences range from Ella Fitzgerald to Joni Mitchell and it’s been her refusal to be pinned down or pigeon-holed that’s been so crucial to her music. So who better for the musical director of our newly minted super band for the Awards, where musicians like Moses Boyd and Leron Thomas will be playing together for the very first time?

We caught up with her below ahead of the Awards.

Where in the world…

…are you now?
In Peckham Rye (SE London).

…inspires you?
Anywhere beside water – could be Lake Kyle (Zimbabwe), the Finnish lakes or Cape Coast (Ghana).

…have you done your best performance?
The last Nativity play I put on involving around 400 children (when I was teaching in a primary school). We smashed it!

…has the best food?
The cultural mix reflected in the cuisine of countries like Malaysia or Guyana.

…do you go to escape?
Meditation. Anywhere.

…do you most want to go?
To the gym.

…has the best music right now?
NTS Radio.

And finally, how many languages can you say hello in?
I tend to only use one at a time, depending on which country I’m in.

And can you prove it?

Buy tickets for the Awards at KOKO on the 16th January.

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