MENU WWA 2016 // Introducing: Leron Thomas

WWA 2016 // Introducing: Leron Thomas

November 19, 2015

As we continue to gear up for the Worldwide Awards on the 16th January, we’ve put together another intro profile to help y’all get a handle on the many bright and shining talents who are populating this year’s bill. You can buy tickets now at the final release price of £35.

Up next is Leron Thomas, a trumpet player with his roots in jazz but who has reached out to lots of different musical pockets for inspiration over the years:  funk, electro-pop and rock have all fed into the ten albums he’s now released. Like plenty of other artists who fit with the Worldwide mentality, he joins the dots in ways that other people might not think to.

We asked him a few questions about where he’s at right now.

Where in the world…

…are you now?

Just finishing a show in the countryside of France

…inspires you?

Everywhere in the world serves as a divine inspiration!

…have you done your best performance?

Definitely New York!

…has the best food?

Hahahahahaha TEXAS BABY!!!

…do you go to escape?

Usually in any private bathroom with a lock on the door.

…do you most want to go?

Would like to check out Brazil for sure! Still haven’t been there!

… has the best music right now?
Not sure but Australia has been pumping out some interesting music lately.

And finally, how many languages can you say hello in? And can you prove it?

8 languages so far but I’m working on it …and yes I can prove it!

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