MENU Zara McFarlane // Angie La La // Yoruba Soul Remixes

Zara McFarlane // Angie La La // Yoruba Soul Remixes

November 14, 2013

The first music to be lifted from her forthcoming sophomore album, Zara McFarlane drops ‘Angie La La’ on 25th November 2013. In many ways an underground cult classic, Zara’s reworking of this Jamaican psych gem by Nora Dean features former Brownswood Bubblers alumnus and New Yorker Leron Thomas on trumpet and vocals. Recorded at Matthew Halsall’s 80 Hertz studio in Manchester, it’s firmly rooted in swing territory, driven by the killer rhythm section of Luke Flowers (drums) and Gavin Barras (double bass). Zara herself reclines into the groove with consummate grace, her vocals blessed at once with crystalline clarity and warmth.

Consistently one of our favourite producers from the house realm, the truly legendary Osunlade aka Yoruba Soul applies his golden touch to ‘Angie La La’, crafting an exquisitely sensitive and soulful groove founded on booming kicks and handclaps.

Zara will be embarking on a nationwide tour in February 2014. For info click HERE.

25/11 – Digital // iTunes // Brownswood Bandcamp // Amazon
02/12 – Vinyl 180g // Picadilly Records // Brownswood Bandcamp

Pre order he album from iTunes HERE.