The Inaugural We Out Here Festival 2019


so just under 2 weeks to go before we embark on the first We Out Here Festival ... I'm super hyped... and having visited the site again the other day can't wait to see it turned into a much needed celebration of the buoyant club/live scene that exists in the UK right now ---- I believe great creativity, art and debate always come out of periods of political and social chaos... well thats whats happening not just here but pretty much everywhere on the planet... and I know the artists booked are all tuned in and ready to motivate and reflect and engage which will make this first edition very special! the stages are all incredible, the sound systems will be top quality and the Brawnswood area will be my go to!

here's a full list of the goings on and stage breakdown etc...

Brawnswood Graphic Final.jpg
Alanna HenryComment